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Welcome to our collective cattery «Siberian Samotsvet» where we breed both traditional and colorpoint Siberian cats (colorpoint Siberians are usually called Neva Masquerade). Our selection of breeder-cats is based on the results of long and thorough work, so far we have a history of more than 4 generations. Almost all our cats are winners of various international exhibitions, champions according to several systems. They are fully immunized and checked against genetic diseases such as PKD and HCM. Kittens from such parents are of an excellent type and quality, they now live in various Russian regions, in Europe and USA. At the moment, our cattery consists of 15 female and 5 male cats. We are registered in World Cat Federation (WCF) and our cattery is one of the largest collective catteries. We have received several awards as "Best Cattery of the Year”.

"Siberian Samotsvet” being a collective cattery with years of experience offers Siberian and Neva Masquerade kittens whose parents are well-praised breeders, winners of many international exhibitions, fully checked against genetic diseases such as PKD and HCM.Cattery’s leader who is an experienced felinologist takes great care in finding appropriate mating partners for our cats. As a result our kittens are well-bred, intelligent, very loving and people-oriented. They leave their homes fully trained, so they do not have toilet problems or discipline issues. You can always contact our cattery for tips, advice or any kind of practical help.

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